The demon of fear

“Fear is arguably the most sinister of demons nesting in the opens societies of our time. But it is the insecurity of the present and uncertainty about the future that hatch and breed the most awesome and least bearable of our fears. That insecurity and uncertainty, in its turn, is born of the sense of impotence: we seem to be no longer in control, whether individually, severally or collectively –and to make things still worse, we lack the tools that could elevate politics to the level where power has already settled, and so enable us to recover and retake control over the forces that shape our shaped condition while determining the range of our possibilities and the limits to our freedom to choose: control which has now slipped or has been torn out of our hands. The demon of fear will not be exorcised until we find (or more precisely construct) such tools.”

-Zygmunt Bauman, “Uncertainty and Other Liquid-Modern Fears”, in Jiri Priban, Liquid Society and Its Law (2007), page 36. 

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