Citizen Voices and the Law (Pedro Reina reseña "Derecho al Derecho")

La nueva edición de la ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America publica una reseña de nuestro libro Derecho al Derecho: insterticios y grietas del poder judicial en Puerto Rico, de la autoría del historiador y profesor Pedro Reina Pérez. Pueden acceder al número de la Revista aquí. La reseña está en la página 97. Comparto un fragmento:

"[T]he editors pose a series of questions dealing mainly with transparency, accountability,  access and public trust in the democratic process. It is evident that they intent to raise issues that concern not only lawyers but also general public as stakeholders of their judicial institutions. The editors want to expand the conversation to include citizens as well as law students in order to empower people to speak up against perceived prejudice and unfairness…. They constantly refer to the social responsibility of lawyers, a topic that is present from cover to cover. It is clear that they intend to reclaim the legal process not only as a tool for the privileged but also for the disenfranchised, as they pursue the leverage of social and economic change for the greater good."

-Pedro Reina Pérez, Citizen Voices and the Law, ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America (Spring 2014)

Gracias a la Revista y a Pedro Reina Pérez.

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