The Public Life of Private Law Series: Private Law and the Subject of Human Rights

From: The Public Life of Private Law | An ESRC Seminar Series: "Audio recordings from our second seminar, held at the University of Warwick on March 22 are now available online, courtesy of Backdoor Broadcasting.

Andrew Williams – Personal Injury Claims in the context of Systemic Human Rights Violations: the case of Britain in Iraq
Catherine Gilfedder -  Private Law Litigation: Reprieve’s Practice
Nikki Godden – Tort Law, Human Rights and Rape: Beyond the Enforcement of Criminal Justice
Carolina Olarte – New property regimes and the function of (corrective) constitutionalism
Tsachi Keren-Paz -  Private law in the service of human rights: the sex trafficking case study
We are unable to share recordings of Nick Shapiro and Maeve O’Rourke’s presentations for reasons of client/informant confidentiality, but we hope to post text versions of their presentations in due course.

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