Libro: Agonistics: Thinking the World Politically (Chantal Mouffe, 2013)

Sale en julio de este año lo más reciente de Chantal Mouffe (Verso, 2013):

Agonistics: Thinking the World Politically

Passionate defense of “the political” by the author ofTheDemocratic Paradox  
Political conflict in our society is inevitable, and the results are often far from negative. How then should we deal with the intractable differences arising from complex modern culture?
In Agonistics, Mouffe develops her philosophy, taking particular interest in international relations, strategies for radical politics and the politics of artistic practices. In a series of coruscating essays, she engages with cosmopolitanism, post-operaism, and theories of multiple modernities to argue in favor of a multipolar world with a real cultural and political pluralism.

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